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Save hours by creating beautiful 360° tours with our streamlined no-code virtual tour builder, or have Koala360 create the tour for you.

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An iPad showing a Koala360 virtual tour as a Roundme altnerantive
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How people are using Koala 360

Real Estate


Travel & Tourism


Oliver Jay
Founder of REVERE 3D

"Our CGI company needed a Virtual Tour solution to host 360 images for our property clients. Koala360 is perfect for this, super easy to use and looks great. We're rolling this out to all of our clients. 5-stars!"

Luke Bonnici
Travel Photographer

I used Koala to create tours of my travels for my friends and family. They love the photos, but were amazed by the 360 tours. I never thought they would be so blown away!

Oliver Jay
Founder of REVERE 3D

"Our CGI company needed a Virtual Tour solution to host 360 images for our property clients. Koala360 is perfect for this, super easy to use and looks great. We're rolling this out to all of our clients. 5-stars!"

Luke Bonnici
Founder of REVERE 3D

I've used Koala to create tours of my travels for my friends and family. They love the photos, but they are blown away by the 360 tours. I never thought the difference would be so great.
A macbook and iPhone showing a real-estate tour on Koala360 virtual tour software
showcase value

Drive sales in off-the-plan properties.

Buying off the plans is hard ask. Put peoples minds at ease with a tour of the place before closing the deal. The tour can quickly be embedded on your listing website.

55% of buyers said they would buy a property sight-unseen if there was a 3D tour available online.
Millennials are 130% more likely to book when a listing has a virtual tour.
Increased competition = higher price + faster sales.



Upload 360° Images

Batch upload panoramic images with a 2:1 ratio for a high quality virtual experience. Images can be up to 25mb each and are stored in high-quality.


Link Multiple Hotspots

Drag the thumbnail of one panoramic into another to create a hotspot. An icon will appear making it easy to navigate between your images.


Customise Look & Feel

Customise your viewing experience with auto-rotate, fullscreen mode, hiding thumbnails and more. If you have a feature idea, you can let us know here.

(PRO or Unlimited)


Publish and Share

Send it live and easily drop it into your website with an iFrame. Enjoy the increased visibility and user engagement.

Do it all without a mention of Koala - your silent partner in powering your virtual experiences.

global reach

Engage international buyers with immersive property listings.

Showcase your residential or commercial listing to prospective buyers around a house or apartment and embed directly on your listings page with a drop-in-iframe code.

54% of buyers will not look at a property unless it has virtual images.
50% found virtual tours very useful in making their decision.
Listings with a virtual tour get 87% more views than those without virtual tours.
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An iPad showing a kitchen inside Koala360 virtual tour software
Results driven

2x user engagement with immersive experiences.

A quality online experience generates more interest and makes it easier to showcase unique aspects of the property. More interest = faster sales = higher bottom line.

360-degree tours generate 45% more interactions than standard photos.
Business listings with virtual tours have a 50% increase in online interest.
Users spend 5 to 10 times longer on sites with virtual tours.
super cool

Bring your visions and stories to life.

Sure virtual tours are great for business. But they're also just super cool technology that you can get creative with.

Imagine up a 3D world upload the image here to view it in 360.
Share your travels and adventures with friends and family like never before.
Tell stories in interesting new ways.
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Tours Made for You

Need a 360 tour but don't have 360 images? Koala360 has a network of photographers and 3D visualisation companies and can provide completed tours for you based on your objectives.

Photography Services

Our photographers around the world can visit you on-site to capture the 360 images you need and build a tour for your business.

Professional Photography
All PRO Features
Website Integration
Fully Managed
CGI Services

Our partner architectural visualisation studio can 360 images for you based on architectural floor plans. Contact us to learn more.

360 CGIs
All PRO Features
Website Integration
Fully Managed


What does Koala360 do?

Koala360 is a virtual tour creator that enables you to upload a number of 360° images and link them together with hotspots. The tour can be shared via a link or embedded directly on a website with an iFrame to give users an immersive experience. Koala360 also partners with a network of 3D visualisation services and web-developers that create tours and can help you embed them in your website.

Why use Koala360?

Koala is an easy-to-use and watermark free tour creator focused on providing the best tour experiences possible. As a team we are working closely with tour makers to provide the best tour-creating interface and it's our cornerstone not to comprise a tours experience with advertising or self-promotion.

What images should I use for best results?

For best results, you should upload panoramic images with a 2:1 ratio. Up to 25mb each. If you're on the free plan it's recommended that you compress the images (lossless conversion with TinyPNG) to optimise for both speed and tour quality. If you're a Pro member, this is done automatically.

How much does it cost?

You can create one tour with as many images as you'd like and no watermarks completely free! Should you require more tours or access to customisation of tours (optimising images, disabling zoom among others) you can upgrade to a PRO or Unlimited plan.

Does Koala360 replace Roundme?

Koala360 users enjoy the same core-functionality Roundme. Our team were upset that Roundme was discontinued and that many people lost their tours, so we we built Koala as a next-gen virtual tour creator to supercede Roundme.

Are you still developing?

Koala360 is under active development by our core-team. We are building out additional features as per user requests and would love to know features you'd like to see in our tour creator. If you have a feature request please get in touch!

Which 360 cameras can I use?

360 cameras are growing in popularity and there are many great alternatives such as the GoPro Max, Insta360 X2, Ricoh Theta X, Insta360 X3, Trisio Lite2. If you have a Google Pixel or Android phone running 5.2 or higher it is likely your camera supports the 360 mode with Photo Sphere.

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