Harnessing Mobile Tech: Creating a 360 Tour with Android

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With the astounding pace of technological advancements in the 21st century, we've seen an unprecedented shift in capabilities from desktop computers to mobile devices. 

Once reserved for professionals with high-powered computers, tasks such as content creation, editing videos, or creating a 360-degree photo tour were a dream for smartphone users.

Today, however, the entire digital landscape has changed. Thanks to our smartphones, these tasks and more can be performed right at our fingertips. In this guide, we’ll learn how to create a 360-degree photo tour directly on your mobile which you can easily share via a link or embed on a website.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A phone that can take photospheres or 360-degree images, such as a Google Pixel, Android running 4.2 or higher.
  • An iPhone with Google Street View installed.
  • Software to create, share and embed the tour - we’ll be using Koala 360.

I am using a Google Pixel 7 and will going through each step of the process. Though you can also use drones or 360-degree cameras with the software.

Step 1

Open the camera app

Make sure you are standing in a great spot and have a pleasing first frame, then open the camera app.

Step 2

Navigate to Modes

Swipe across to to modes until you see Photo Sphere (this is where the magic happens).

Step 3

Select Photo Sphere

From the modes, select "Photo Sphere." Selecting this allows you to capture panoramic photos in full 360 degrees and automatically stitches the images together.

Step 4

Capture your first 360 Photo

With the photosphere selected, it's time to capture your surroundings. Ensure you rotate your camera slowly and steadily, covering the entire space around you.

TIP: Stay in the same place to ensure you get the best overlap of the images.

Step 4.5

Capture the other 360 degree photos

Time to find the next logical point and go there and repeat steps 1 through 4. Collect as many photos as you need for your tour.

Remember to stay in the same position for each photo you take for best results!

Step 5

Open Koala360 and create a tour

Signin to your Koala360 account and fill out the tour creation form. Give it a name and author.

Step 6

Upload the Photos

In the Koala360 app, choose the 360-degree photo you've just captured. Give it a name and hit upload.

To add more photos click the blue + button and repeat the process.

Step 7

Create Links Between 360 Photos

With your image selected, drag the thumbnail of the image you wish to link into the position you'd like to create the hotspot.

Repeat to add every hotspot.

Step 8

Customise your tour

Now click the settings icon in the top right corner and customise your tour with some different options.

(only available on PRO and unlimited accounts)

Step 9

Publish, Share and Enjoy

Now hit share and publish your tour to make it viewable via the link or embed code.

Send it to friends, family or clients and see what they say!

360 tour made on a mobile shown across laptop, imac, ipad and phone.


And there you have it! A comprehensive 360-degree photo tour, made entirely on your Android device. 

Thanks to the capabilities of modern smartphones and apps like Koala360, it’s now very easy to create immersive experiences with just a smartphone - no need for bulky equipment or extensive training. 

All you need is your phone, a friendly Koala, and your creativity. There are no barriers to get out there and start creating tours for travel, real-estate, virtual worlds - the limit is your imagination.

While not required, a drone or professional 360-degree camera leads to even better results, and Koala360 has you covered if you have professional grade equipment.

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